I like to paint peaceful images that invite you to linger a bit and perhaps find some rest for a weary heart or hope for a restless heart.


Most of my paintings are familiar objects/images that catch my attention in the moment or in my memory. I use acrylics and often mix palette knife and brush to layer color and texture.

Paintings (unless otherwise noted) are on gallery wrapped canvas with a 1.5 inch painted edge, so they are ready to hang without a frame. Here are a few examples of my work.  To see more as well as what's available for purchase, please continue scrolling down or click on the button below.

Three categories of paintings that are customizable:

Hymn Paintings


I love old hymns - love to sing them, memorize them, even rewrite the tunes and sing them in a fresh way every now and then. The mixture of grace and truth in these songs has drawn me in for as long as I can remember. While thumbing through some old hymnals one day I decided to apply some pages to canvas and paint whatever came to mind as I sang through the lyrics. The result has been a sweet journey. I've had several requests for particular hymns as a gift for a mother or grandmother, or in memory of someone and it's deeply meaningful to make the connections happen!

3 x 3 Miniatures with Easel

Need a little touch of art? Or a unique gift for someone? Each of my miniature paintings comes with an easel for easy display in that perfect little spot! The sides of the canvas are painted to create a finished look.

Nest Paintings

I've lost count of how many times I've heard women say something like My children might not have gotten everything they wanted, but they know they have a mom who loves them. To display our love we moms often decorate ourselves and our homes with keepsakes or other likenesses of our children—be it photos, crayon drawings, jewelry, you name it—all reminders of the precious souls gifted to us. That's why I always enjoy painting a nest with eggs. It just says 'family' to me.  We have a nest with four eggs to represent our blended family of children hanging in our kitchen. 

If you'd like a nest painting with a specific number of eggs and a specific size for your own home or for a gift, just contact me. I'd love to customize one for you!